Electronic Devices

The use of electronic devices is now a requirement for education. As part of Fall Day Camp, your camper will need to bring their own electronic device (laptop, tablet, etc.) for the purpose of doing school work. Please be sure it is fully charged and the power adapter is brought along for charging during the day. 

During times when devices are not needed, they will be collected and stored to help avoid loss, theft, and distraction.

If you do not have a personal electronic device, ask your school district to provide you with one. If you are still struggling to find one for your student and you are enrolled in our Fall Day Camps, let us know and we will work with you to find a solution.

WiFi Access

Cedar Springs Camp has a robust WiFi network throughout camp with multiple Enterprise Access Points and Fiber as it's backbone. Campers will use our Guest network to connect online, using the device they bring from home. Internet usage will be monitored by staff with content filters enabled while on Cedar Springs Camp Guest WiFi. While we understand that Internet access is a requirement for Distance Learning, it is still a privilege that can be revoked if our staff find a camper using the Internet irresponsibly. 

More Questions?

As always, if you have questions, you can call us at 425-334-6215, email us at camps@cedarsprings.camp, or connect with us online at http://cedarsprings.camp

Long Live Summer (and Fall and Winter)!