Schools have announced that they are going to a remote learning model this fall. In order to help provide options to families, Cedar Springs Camp is creating Fall Day Camp that is designed to help families and campers make the transition back into their educational careers. 

Starting in September, camps will include a window of time dedicated to learning and educational instruction that's provided by their school district. Our staff will be there to assist with school work and keep kids on task while they are attending their respective online classes. Each day a progress report will be sent home so that you know what was worked on that day, areas that they excelled at, and perhaps any areas where they need more time than was available to them. More details about how Educational Support will work at camp can be found here.

While campers aren't directly doing school work, they will be doing all the fun and amazing things that we are best known for at camp! A complete list of which camps we will be offering for Fall Day Camp can be found here. 

Cubs, Grizzlies, and Kodiak camps are what you are looking for if you aren't sure you will need a full week at a time, as partial week options are only available for these camps.

We are excited about this opportunity to provide a great school year experience for campers. It does create a lot of questions though, as this is the first time that this type of learning environment has been an option. Capturing the answers to those questions is hard to do in FAQ articles, so please feel free to give us a call at 425-334-6215 or an email at with the questions that you have and we would love to connect.

Long Live Summer (and Fall and Winter)!