If your plans have changed and you can no longer send your camper to camp with us this summer, we want you to know that we understand it is a difficult time for everyone, us included. You do have options:

  1. If it's within your ability, donate to camp
    • We have opened up the opportunity for individuals to donate all or a portion of their account balance to help with essential costs the camp has during this difficult time. This option would qualify as a charitable contribution for tax deduction purposes. Even 10% of your account balance applied as a donation would be helpful to ensure Cedar Springs is an option for families for years to come.
  2. Leave the credit on your account
    • Leave a credit on your account to apply to future camps. The money on your account does not expire and can be applied to any future adventure with us.
  3. Request a refund through our finance department
    • We will certainly honor your request for a refund. Please email us at camps@cedarsprings.camp to formally request a refund, and we will review your account and return any fees that are eligible for refund.

Thank you for considering your options, please let us know your preference and we will adjust your account accordingly.

As always, if you have questions, you can call us at 425-334-6215, email us at camps@cedarsprings.camp, or connect with us online at http://cedarsprings.camp