We are constantly working to make sure that our programs and operations meet the guidance provided by the state and local government. As these guidelines occasionally change, we too adapt our policies when needed.

Cedar Springs Camp has worked hard over the past several years to provide a safe and enjoyable camp experience throughout the pandemic. The health requirements presented by the outbreak have changed a lot since the camp season of 2020. However, the large large outdoor spaces and small camp pods that constituted the safe camp experience at Cedar Springs Camp in 2020 continue to provide the same excellent health protection this year. We believe that this setting is also the recipe for an exceptionally wonderful week at camp.

In March, the state government issued a significant update in the policies and practices needed to protect our staff and campers from covid. With these updated guidelines in mind we ask the following of each camp family:

  • Please keep your camper home if they have any covid, cold, or flu like symptoms.
  • Please keep your camper home if they have been in contact with anyone who is known to have covid within the past week.

At this time, face masks are not required as a part of any camp activities. We ask that each family decide for themselves if they would like to have their campers wear a face mask as a part of their camp day.

We are continuing to stay up to date with the Covid guidelines and will update these details as needed. 

More Questions?

As always, if you have questions, you can call us at 425-334-6215, email us at camps@cedarsprings.camp, or connect with us online at http://cedarsprings.camp