We are committed to the safety of the campers that are entrusted to our care. As a result, we have a strict policy to check the identification of those who are picking up campers each day. While we do get to know a lot of parents throughout the summer, we are still likely going to ask that you show us photo identification every time that you come to pick up your camper. Photo identification is most easily presented in the form of a driver’s license. We are usually OK with company ID as well, as long as it displays your picture and full name.

Once you have proven to be yourself by presenting photo identification, we will verify that your name is on the list of people authorized to pick up your camper. If you are not on the list, we will not be able to release the camper to your care.

Once your identity has been confirmed and validated as authorized to pick up the camper, we will check the camper out to your care.

Please take time prior to your first day of camp to review your family’s list of people authorized to pick up your camper. Ensure that all parents, grandparents, neighbors and babysitters who are planning to pick up your campers are listed. To review your campers authorized pickup list, login to your account and then scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the “Pickup Authorization” section. Ensure that the list contains the names of those who are authorized to pick-up your campers. You can also call our office for assistance with your authorized pickup list.

Early Pick Up

We are unable to check campers out from their pick up stations prior to their scheduled pickup time. If you need to pickup your camper early, please check in at the concierge/camper wellness location in Lake Stevens. The team at the Concierge desk can help get your camper to you. If you are planning on picking up your camper more than 30 minutes early, please give us a call and let us know.

More Questions?

As always, if you have questions, you can call us at 425-334-6215, email us at camps@cedarsprings.camp, or connect with us online at http://cedarsprings.camp