There are a handful of essential items to have with you at camp. There are a handful of things that we need to ask you to leave at home.

To Bring:

A backpack
Sack Lunch (hot lunch is also available for purchase for most camps and should be pre-purchased)
Water Bottle
Sun Screen
Good shoes (lots of camps include walking)

To Leave at Home:

Pocket knives and other sharp objects, and things that may be considered a weapon
Electronic Devices*

Trading cards (ie: Pokemon Cards)
Pet Hamsters (or any pet for that matter)
Items that may easily be lost or stolen

*Electronic Devices

Summer camp is designed to give campers an opportunity to experience new things with new people. We have found that electronic devices hinder those opportunities and so we ask that campers leave electronic devices such as phones and tablets at home. If your camper has a pressing need to carry a phone with them, we will ask that they keep it put away in their backpack while they are at camp.

Many items such as electronics, Pokemon cards, beyblades and other fun toys are special to  campers. By leaving such appealing items at home, the risk of loss and theft is eliminated. Cedar Springs is not able to guarantee the recovery of personal items left behind or lost at camp.

More Questions?

As always, if you have questions, you can call us at 425-334-6215, email us at, or connect with us online at